The Last Tear

from by MICjordan + Hippie Sabotage

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(verse 1)
This is the last tear I'll shed, the last fear or dread,
that which I hold dear is dead, fuck love, I'll pursue my career instead
cuz my thoughts are too dense for my peers' heads
they'd rather have King Kong than King Lear, they said
so I give 'em MacBeth: a swift death,
witches caress a nigga's neck even kisses are threats,
to call this shit stress is an understatement
understanding makes me wonder hating had me going dumber
now I'm damn near speechless,
police get budget increases but it leave kids optionless
except the very thing they cautioned us not to get caught up in
pickups, drops, niggas get popped and flipped, shot, and clipped
the fear holds our consciousness hostage, and our consciences
ought to get loud but they're too shocked to spit
it's a holocaust with a twist, the murder is institutional
the twin towers fell--poof!--where the fuck did our future go?
where's the answers? People act like it's rude to probe
when we follow the way the money moves, we know
when the truth gets suppressed, then the movement grows
the people we're seeing on TV, leading, are our true foes
leaving our minds like their hearts--with huge holes
got us playing the fool's roles, illusions steal our lessons
while our constitution collapsed like world trade building seven
we were busy killing brethren
If it's really true that Man was made in God's image, I bet it's hella ill in heaven

(verse 2)
Life is uglier than modern art
I often walk through parks on sunny days but still my thoughts are dark
you gotta have a destination to really be called lost
and I'm too broke to afford a Molotov bottle's cost,
to say nothing of the gas to put inside of it
life can whup a square man's ass, I wonder how crooks survive the shit
I guess plenty don't, getting money's no joke
'cause I don't find many things that are funny when broke
except the fact that my college degree cost a hundred grand, but was it worth it?
I really gotta wonder, damn
it's a bad feeling in the air, like the Summer of Sam
I don't run for fun because it makes me feel like a hunted man
and if you say to me "J-beez, you're going crazy", I'll say just play Jay-Z
because soon you'll understand
it's really not cool to have a view of the future
where computers run schools and the rulers are even crueler
the barbaric deeds of the past are what we'll see in the path
of the crisis on its way to leave society smashed
so why do we laugh? Well it's not because it's amusing
more like, losing our sanity to movies on viewscreens
giving unruly teens foolish dreams of loot and cream
if it ain't wool for pulling over eyes, it's sure fooling me
so tell me what's success, is it collecting a check? The love and respect?
or is it just stress that corrupts our interests?


from The Real, released January 21, 2014
lyrics: MICjordan
beat: Hippie Sabotage



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